The Ultimate Fashion Week Lounge You Need To Hit Up

by Christie Grimm · February 10, 2017

    Any time we hear Ken Fulk's got a project, we can't clear our schedule soon enough. With a treasure trove dossier packed with magical interiors and soirees, the King of San Francisco recently made roots in New York, so of course we should have expected him to have something up his sleeve at the city's height of all things chic, Fashion Week. 

    Next time you're at Skylight Clarkson, swing over and steal a seat in his luxe hideaway. With a wink to fashion favorite Andy Warhol (some of whose works are hanging in the space), Ken went with the ever-relevant theme of 'Fame' for the lounge.

    "In an increasingly picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy world, everyone seems to be seeking their fifteen minutes of fame, one filtered fragment at a time," said Fulk. Too true.

    Whether or not you Instagram, Snapchat, or Tweet your stay, trust us when we say you'll be glad you stopped by.

    [Photo via @kenfulk]