The Official GofG Fall Fashion Week Scavenger Hunt

by Chiara Atik · September 9, 2010

    What's Fashion Week without a little insider competition? We've assigned point values to some of Fashion Week's sights, sounds, and experiences. How many points will you rack up this week? -

    The Fashion Week Scavenger Hunt

    Overhear someone blame the lines, mayhem, their own incompetence on Mercury being in Retrograde. 5 points.

    Be the first to tweet/report/broadcast who the surprise performer is at Don Hill's this Friday: 500 points.

    Every time you see Anna Wintour, 5 points.

    Every time you see Anna Wintour without her sunglasses. 15 points.

    Every time you see Grace Coddington, 10 points.

    Attend the Zac Posen afterparty at Lavo, 50 points.

    Go to the Starbucks Lounge at the Tents and get free Silly Bandz. 10 points. (Go twice in the same day: 30 points)

    Sitting front row at a show, 50 points.

    5 points for the first party you check-in/tweet from on Foursquare in a night, 10 points for the next one, 15 points for a third, 20 points for a fourth.

    Jared Leto sighting, 10 points.

    Tweeting pictures from backstage at a show, 20 points.

    Every time a model with a gap tooth walks the runway, 5 points.

    Noticing The Fug Girls noticing a celebrity/outfit/random person, 15 points.

    MODEL DOWN! 50 points every time a model trips in her heels on the runway.

    Tavi Gevinson sighting, 10 points, 15 if she's wearing a hat

    5 points for each member of the Gossip Girl cast.

    Every time someone obnoxiously spills their bag in the Front Row, creating a ruckus. 10 points

    25 points for going to Lavo, 25 points for going to Boom Boom, 25 points for going to Don Hill's

    125 points for going to ALL THREE on the same night.

    Attend the Chanel Party tonight, 75 points.

    Overhearing someone drop their name to try to get into a party, 5 points. Someone else's name, 10 points. Their press credentials, 15 points. All of the above and STILL not getting in, 20 points.

    Every time a show runs more than 45 minutes late, 15 points.

    Tweeting a picture of someone famous at the Bon Appetit Cafe, 25 points.

    Win the FNO Karaoke contest at Barney's, 100 points.

    Every time you see Coco Rocha, Karli Kloss, or Freja Beha Erichsen walk in a show or do a presentation, 5 points.

    Rachel Zoe sighting, 15 points, Brad Goreski, 10 points, Rodger Berman, 5 points.

    Four consecutive late-nights at The Jane 40 points

    Victoria Beckham sighting: 75 points

    Every time you see someone take out a bottle of "cleanse" juice, 15 points.

    Every time you see someone take out a jar of baby food, 20 points.

    Whenever you hear someone mention "The Tents", nostalgically, 5 points.

    Whenever someone complains about the wireless reception at Lincoln Center or cellphone reception at Milk Studios, 5 points.

    [Anna Wintour photo via NYMag, Tavi Gevinson Photo via HuffPo, Silly Bandz photo via WWD Twitter]