We know the rules: Thou shalt not speak ill of Yeezy in the year of our Lord, 2016. But facts are facts and the fact is Kanye West's New York Fashion Week show did not quite live up to our expectations. But does that mean it was a total disaster? Let's conduct an analysis. 

First off, the casting call, which occurred only three days before the Wednesday show, garnered its own fair share of backlash as it called for "multiracial women only." While diversity is, of course, to be celebrated, many pointed out that it alienated black women, with one topless protester holding a sign that read, "multiracial only = lightskin only, you ain't slick, ye," and written across her chest, "they want black features, not black girls." It's a valid point. 

Details of the show itself were not disclosed to attendees until the day of, when shuttle buses brought guests across Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. Points for originality, sure, but no one likes to leave the borough during NYFW. According to the WWD reviewer, the whole shebang took around four and a half hours. Throw in the day's sticky heat and sunny outdoor venue, and you've definitely got what we'd call an unfortunate situation. Which leads us to the next point...

Models, some of whom were decked out in dark hoodies in this dog-day weather, passed out and received no help from the Yeezy team.

Others, including model Amina Blue, struggled with their heels. Amina eventually kicked them off and walked off the runway, but another finished her walk, treacherously, with the help of Bergdorf's men's fashion director, Bruce Pask.

Other models who didn't walk (the lucky ones if you ask us), were left standing in the grass. Some of them had to sit down, but at least they didn't have to navigate the hellish footwear. None of this, we're sure, was helped by the breezy presence of countless A-listers. Models were sweating their asses off and Kim, Kendall, and Kylie were taking selfies. Add insult to injury why don't ya? 

As for the collection itself, well, it was beige and largely predictable. Was it really worth all the trouble? We'll let you click through and decide for yourself.

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