What's In A Bag? A Look Inside GofG's Fashion Reporter's Bag At The End Of It All

by Natalie Decleve · February 18, 2011

    IT’S IN THE BAG…Stylist, Natalie Decleve has busted her butt around the tents to cover Fashion Week for us. And, we wanted to know what was in her bag at the end of it all. Check out the itemized list below...

    Wondering what it’s like to spend 7 days at Fashion Week? This photo pretty much says it all…


    Enough WWD’s and Daily’s to keep me occupied until Christmas.

    A dog tag printed with “2.11.11 – Mac & Milk, SHOPBOP.COM” just in case I forget what day it was when…um…well, something important must have happened that day.

    3 different types of lipstick and gloss for switching up my daily look.

    Blackberry – battery dead.

    Canon PowerShot – battery dead

    i-Pad – battery miraculously not yet dead.

    Mini DHL rice krispie treat. Because who wouldn’t want a plastic-wrapped edible product stamped with the DHL logo?

    Empty Fiji water bottle… Hey, a girl’s gotta stay hydrated.

    Dr. Scholl’s Fast Fats: In case of emergency! You never know when you’re gonna break a heel, or an ankle for that matter.

    A full size bottle of Advil. Listen, it’s a long week.

    Fake eyelashes and not one but TWO packages of adhesive glue - courtesy of a random PA backstage at MILLY.

    TWO different tubes of Maybelline Mascara - courtesy of the Maybelline booth in the tents. Clearly, my lashes are in for some major upgrades.

    Équipe Roitfeld black cotton tote courtesy of Style.com

    Black & white jute tote - courtesy of Adrienne Vittadini show. Thank God, finally something big enough to hold all of this crap.

    Multiple pairs of giant sunglasses for hiding under eye circles, and looking important.

    Heart shaped Godiva chocolate lollypops, courtesy of Alice & Olivia show.

    A Ken doll chocolate bar promising to “satisfy all of my cravings” and package of Ken doll candy hearts, for when I get lonely.

    ThinkTHIN power bar – Did I mention this is FASHION week?

    Extra phone charger, which I obviously didn’t use.

    Hand sanitizer – because no matter how fashionable the people are whom you meet, it’s still cold season – and I’m not trying to go on the flu diet.

    A gazillion business cards for my 45 new best friends.

    Schedules and programs from all the shows, so that I can remember what the heck I’ve been doing all week.