Zac Posen Celebrates Fall 2010 Collection At Rose Bar

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 16, 2010

    Zac PosenAs we can see, Zac Posen got some serious love from pals when he celebrated his Fall 2010 collection at The Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. The jury's still out on if Jay Alexander, Maggie Rizer, and Holly Graves got the same treatment.








    Oh, look! Russell Simmons managed to steal some attention from Zac Posen when he got a smooch from Ann Dexter-Jones. He seems quite taken with her.

    Ann Dexter Jones, Russell Simmons Ann Dexter-Jones, Russell Simmons

    Holly Gravesmaggie rizer Holly Graves                                         Maggie Rizer

    Well now, look. Dexter-Jones is kissing Zac Posen. We wonder if she left anybody out?

    Russell Simmons, Ann Dexter Jones, Zac Posen Russell Simmons, Ann Dexter Jones, Zac Posen

    Miss J and Zac PosenZac Posen, Miri Ben-Ari Zac Posen, Miss J                                   Zac Posen, Miri Ben-Ari

    zac posen

    Zac Posen

    ann dexter jones, miri ben-arizac posen Ann Dexter Jones, Miri Ben-Ari                Zac Posen, Nur Khan

    [photos via Redeye Productions]