2009 Starts Off Right For The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Honorees

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · January 8, 2009

    [Lee Steiger, Mindy Grossman and Zac Posen received honors. Photos by CLINT SPAULDING for PMc]

    The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund is a non-profit association that makes it possible for students who are gifted and talented to become educated (as well as intern and work) in fashion. Last night, the YMA  along with Geoffrey Beeneheld their 2009 dinner at the Marriot Marquis. Mindy Grossman, Les Steiger and Zac Posenwere all honored. Also four students are going to have a great year as they  received $25,000 scholarships for their fashion studies. Some of the fashionable guests in attendance included Iman, Molly Sims, Richie Rich, Francisco Costa, Patricia Field, and Tim Gunn.

    More photos below

    Richie Rich, Zach Augustine

    Ken Wyse, Patricia Field, Harry Harrison, Susan Posen

    Paul Rosengard, Tim Gunn

    Iman, Mindy Grossman, Susan Lucci

    Iman, Molly Sims

    Christina Wu, Jessica Steele, Danielle Sponder, Heber Sanchez, Kenny McCullough, Emma Frame, Cinque Cerra, Jeremiah Avila

    Zac Posen, Molly Sims