A Return To Artistry At People's Revolution Dinner

by MAGGIE HUNTER · December 12, 2008

    Mark Hunter, Kelly CutroneLiz Goldwyn, Jeremy Scott, Katy Rodriguez [Mark Hunter, Kelly Cutrone. Liz Goldwyn, Jeremy Scott, Katy Rodriguez. Photos by ANDREAS BRANCH for PMc]

    Not since the release of the iPhone has a mobile device created such a buzz. Last night, PR Firm People's Revolution hosted a dinner in celebration of Motorola's newest creation, AURA, a cell phone ambitiously advertised as heralding "The Return To Artistry."  The party brought out a host of hip young things, including Kelly Cutrone, Jeremy Scott, Mark Hunter (aka The Cobrasnake), Cory Kennedy, DJ AM, Katy Rodriguez, and Darren Romanelli.

    Jeremy ScottDarren Romanelli, Mark Hunter, DJ AMTaz, Jeremy Scott, Darren Romanelli

    More photos below: Nick Reed, Mick Davis, Cory Kennedy Nick Reed, Mick Davis, Cory Kennedy.

    Brigette Romanek, Lisa EisnerCristian Fernandez Brigette Romanek, Lisa Eisner, Cristian Fernandez.

    Jeremy Scott, Mark Cobrasnake, DJ AM, Liz Goldwyn Jeremy Scott, Mark Cobrasnake, DJ AM, Liz Goldwyn.

    Robin Berkeley, David FactorJeremy Scott, Taz Robin Berkeley, David Factor. Jeremy Scott, Taz.