A Very Merry Un-Gala For New Museum

by Chiara Atik · April 30, 2009

    [New Museum Spring UNgala. All photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc] Luminaries in the art world gathered with noted celebrities and musicians for the New Museum Un-Gala last night. MC for the night John Waters came up with the the theme of an un-gala to reflect the economic times while supporting the arts in a playful and positive way. Guests like actor/Honorary Chair James Franco, singer Debbie Harry, and artists Kara Walker and Mark Bradford danced to disco and soul music while surrounded by some of downtown's most colorful performers.

    More story and photos below...

    The panoramic views from the 45th floor of the 7 World Trade provided a stunning backdrop for a room decorated with scattered graffiti and elaborate sets. The event honored art-world giants John Baldessari and Mark Bradford.

    The night ended with everyone gathering on the dance floor for a mix of Abba covers and soul music. Trannies, trustees, gogo boys and artists boogied down in celebration of the New Museum and in support of the arts. The best nod to the times came in the form of a bedazzled art collector, and patron Laura Skoler, who wore dollar bills in her hair. --Ari Cohen

    John Waters, James Franco

    Wilie Farrad, Murray Hill, Angie Pontani, Hope Atherton, Hannah Hoffman

    Ron Rosenzwig, ?, William Palmer, Mitzi Eisenberg, Warren Eisenberg

    John Baldessari, Lisa Phillips          Mark Bradford

    Thelma Golden, James Casebere, Lorna Simpson, Glenn Ligor George Mills, Steve Kursh, Laura Skoler, Lysbeth Kursh

    Brendan Fowler, Todd Thomas, Debbie Harry

    Charlotte Ford                                 Shelley Aarons, Phil Aarons

    Adriane Boff, Dara Tomanovich, Paloma Jonas, Zoya Loeb, Chrissy Haldis