African Crocodile, In Black

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · April 1, 2008

    bagMy workload has increased as of late, so I haven’t had much excitement in my life. That is, until a friend of mine showed up at dinner toting a Ralph Lauren ruched calfskin handbag. I wasn’t aware that Ralph Lauren bags had escaped Macy’s – at least not in such a big way. In my opinion, the handbag sitting across the booth from me was Ralph Lauren’s answer to the Birkin Bag – and kudos to Ralph for finally cashing in on the designer handbag craze! After all, what could be bad about a market where price drives demand? *cough*recession*cough*

    Back to dinner. Enter my friend with her classic style, air of grace, and $4,000 bag. I had to compliment, ensuring the full scoop. She handed it over. The materials and craftsmanship were beautiful … although I suppose that if we’re paying $4,000 for a handbag, we can expect quality leather, ruching on both sides and brass hardware. Anyway, call me fashionably conservative, but I had found my dream bag. Not to mention, I could use a new bag for work – Gucci is too much, Botkier isn’t enough, Longchamp makes me feel suburban ... I went to the Ralph Lauren website to explore further. Alas, no ruched calfskin handbags. What I DID find, however, was the same bag in black, African crocodile. Poor crocodile …

    So, if you didn’t already blow that $1000 traveling south for a gold facial, put it toward a classic bag instead. Order your Ralph Lauren black crocodile handbag today for only $15,000 plus tax and shipping (a grand total of $16,267.09). After all, nothing says “I’m overpaid,” err, I mean, “I’m totally successful,” like walking into work with a $15,000 handbag. As for me, may decide that my debt-to-income ratio really can be worse and scour the city for the older, calfskin version (which I happen to like better, anyway). Or I may just decide that my life is complicated enough. Either way, here’s some handbag food for thought, from me to you.