Air Kisses To High Fives...Louboutins To Chucks...A Tale Of Two Parties

by guestofaguest · March 28, 2008

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    I got the party hook-up for my Thursday night plans around 3pm on Thursday via my new best friend, Facebook. I don’t need to make plans in advance anymore or even get invited places, thanks to the Events application on Facebook. I can just see where everyone is going (because Facebook tells me “9 of your friends are going here”) and before I have a chance to wonder why no one told me, I can just “add to my events” (aka invite myself) to show up too. Tonight it seems the decidedly uptown crowd was heading downtown to check out Serge Strosberg’s artworks “Strosberg, Paris – New York, and with a click of a button I was going too.

    All the right people were there thanks to New York’s own Kipton Cronkite, who acts as a conduit to bring good people together to see good artists’ works of art. Tonight we got to see Strosberg’s interpretation of models, celebs and some real people brushed across the canvas. I have to say, I liked it. Clearly the guy’s got vision if Kelly Osbourne could look thin in one of his paintings. Her head wasn’t big either. Kelly in proportion? It’s a brushstroke of genius with a modern-day Photoshop mentality.

    I parlayed my attendance at Serge’s reception into the next party. Can we say guest of a guest? My brood of attractive blond gals and I walked only 4 blocks over, yet worlds away- to the Converse Red Party. This was a decidedly downtown crowd who all decided to stay downtown. Lots of plaid, grunge, perfectly pomade/waxed hairstyles made to look dirty were on the radar…which by the way this party was hosted by RADAR Entertainment. In general, Converse Reds are special edition ‘Chucks’ with red souls and 5% to 15% of sales of these uniquely designed shoes (by 100 artists) go toward the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. It’s a great charity and a great collaboration!

    In truth, the party was hot and hopping. But maybe too hot – it smelled like a gym locker in there; but whatever, it was a Chucks party! I felt like I knew no one there, so it’s not important whether they shower or not. One thing I did get to know was the mini mack and cheeses…like a thimble full of mack and cheese. It was amazing. Who catered this event, I need to know??

    After that party, I was spent. I didn’t see myself sneaking in the back door of the Private Club party at the Rivington Hotel since I didn’t have a ticket. So I sent the girls on their way there so I could get home and write “Thanks for having me – I had the BEST time xoxo” on their Facebook walls.

    -SINGLE Threat

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