Alexander Wang's New Collaboration...With Condoms

by Millie Moore · June 23, 2017

    Unless you're stranded in East Bumf*ck, Abbottabad with your head in the sand, you know that Pride Weekend is upon us. From tasting the rainbow to making it into your own catwalk, Pride Weekend is already in full swing and it's not even happy hour on Friday yet! We almost forgot that there's an actual parade involved, and we just found out about a float worth getting excited for!

    Our fave designer Alexander Wang has teamed up with Trojan condoms to make a float for the parade this Sunday. The sleek, midnight black float is emblazoned with rainbow Trojan mascot and a slogan that says "Protect Your Wang."  Finally, having a phallic last name is no longer a punchline that would be a hot button topic between him and his shrink, because Alexander Wang is clearly in on the joke. Wang (lol) said of the endeavor, "I felt this partnership with Trojan was a positive way to reinforce the message of inclusion and promote wellness within the LGBTQ community. I feel proud to be able to celebrate our differences and remind everyone to 'Protect Your Wang.'" Studies have indicated that the rate of STDs amongst gay and bisexual men is on the rise, and they're one of the groups that's most at risk.

    Talking about STDs is kind of a buzzkill, and there's no way to talk about it without making sex become, ya know, unsexy. We mean, remember how awkward sex-ed was? I don't, because I got sent to the principal's office for asking if you can get high off birth control, so I missed most of it. But leave it to Alexander Wang and Trojan to make sex-ed chic! It certainly doesn't hurt that DJ Jesse Marco will be on board to get the crowd groovin'.

    Just because you wanna get rude and nude this weekend doesn't mean that you shouldn't stay safe! #ProtectYourWang

    [Photo via Getty]