An Intimate Affair For Lizzie Fortunato Jewel's And Timo! Wallets

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 26, 2008

    timo and lizzie [Lizzie Fortunato Jewel's Shine and Timo Weiland's wallet's have style]

    Well I will say if GofG keeps sending me to events like this one its really going to warm my attitude to Manhattan. We went to an 'intimate cocktail party' at Piero Lissoni's By New York Loft, in SOHO for a celebration of the release of two new artfully inspired lines of accessories, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels and Timo! wallets. See photos here. The cocktail party hosted by Annabelle Dexter Jones, and Alexandra Richards, with Flaunt Magazine, St. Germain liquor and Gargyle clothing line was a subtlety lavish affair in an impeccable, cleanly designed space. The Fortunato Jewels (sisters Lizzie and Kathryn shown above) had what I call this 'cool grandma hippie vibe' and Lizzie Fortunato, the designer, told me that their new collection, the second of the company's brief history was inspired by their recent trip to South America and its culture, (and indeed, was 'helped out' by the sisters' grandmother's needle point work.)

    Necklaces, baubles and bangles were displayed on tables and draped and over books and mannequin busts to show the feather and cloth touches that made their line of jewelry so unique. The Timo! wallets, a high design eco-friendly line started in May 2006, were graphic pop-art inspired pieces born out of a need to keep-it-simple and fit in downtown artist, party star and the TIMO in Timo! wallets, Timo Weiland's back pocket of his skinny jeans. Timo who has since partnered with his mom artist Allison Budkenered and 'visionary" Burns Hardwick, collaborated with a number of other artists like Icelandic rocker, graffiti artist, and graphic designer Frosti orn Gunnarsson, who crafted illustrations with Timo to comprise the narrative pieces. Don't just take my word for the art and innovation. Check out the pictures of it and the beautiful folk who supported too. (Photos by Andrew Harris)