Anisha Lakhani Schooled Signing: Calling All Fashion Week Nerds

by STEPHANIE WEI · September 8, 2008

    Anisha LakhaniThere's nothing chicer than spending Fashion Week in a bookstore. This evening, Border's Bookstore on 57th Street and Park Avenue is hosting a reading and signing of Anisha Lakhani's novel Schooled.

    Ms. Lakhani's appearance is scheduled from 7:00pm-7:45pm, but take it from me: get there early! At her previous signings, guests lined up outside to get a peak and meet the author. Perhaps this time around, it'll be a more intimate gathering, but who knows, there might be more closet nerds out there than expected.

    I caught up with Ms. Lakhani on the phone for the inside dish on Schooled. Ms Lakhani explained,

    "My book is not a Dalton Tell-All. If it was, it would be non-fiction and called Dalton. I wrote an exaggerated and macabre comedy of the private school world with a grotesquely naive character - to confuse Anna Taggert with me and my real life experiences would just be silly."

    Ms. Lakhani has caught the attention of critics across the country, especially in NYC. She clarified, "I wrote Schooled because I wanted it to ultimately be a springboard for serious discussions - on the nature of schools, tutoring, homework, and the state of education in America."

    Many love it and others hate it, but most can’t deny that our education system demands attention and reform. Think what you will of Schooled. Either way, people are talking about it and that’s the first step to making a difference. Three cheers for Anisha Lakhani and Schooled!