Artists and Luminaries Celebrate "Next Generation Party" At New Museum

by EVAN MULVIHILL · July 1, 2009

    Antonia ThompsonLorenzo MartoneOlympia Sonnier, Eunice Bamg, Nina LittmanDonovan McClenton, Douglas MarshallThakoon Panichgul, Charlotte Ronson Adi, Magnus Berger, AngeBrian Wolk, Claude MoraisArtists and LuminariesRichard Flood Gregg Evans, Carrie VilliniesZamari Graham-Smith, Anne KochLeslie Fritz, Megan MarrinJoyce Sitterly, Massimilano GioniKaren WongE.A. Hanks, Meghan McCain Andrew Saffir, Daniel BenedictJonathon Sollis, Bobby WaltzerLisa Lupinski, Libby Haan, Nikolas Baker, Nicole PhelpsArtists and Luminaries [All photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc.]

    The New Museum's current "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus" exhibit runs until July 5th (this Sunday!), and features 50 different young artists from 25 countries - all born after 1976. Some familiar NYC social circuit faces hit up last night's party, which accompanied the exhibit, including designer Charlotte Ronson and Marc Jacobs' fiance Lorenzo Martone.