Artists For LWALA

by Rachelle Hruska · June 2, 2008

    Artists For LWALA

    Go HERE for more photos of this event by Etta Shon and Antwan Duncan

    Saturday night, Gallery Bar on Orchard Street was the setting for 21 artist's works displayed and up for biggest bidder, all in supporting LWALA's charitable efforts in Africa. LWALA stands for Living With A Lifelong Ambition and is a youth-based organization that focuses on raising funds to help build health clinics in areas suffering from high rated of HIV and AIDS. One of our favorites, Serge Strosberg played host, as founders Alexa von Tobel and Danielle Snyder (one half of Dannijo Jewels), were there to promote the importance of this event and to introduce the guests to the artists.

    The Gallery Bar was full of colorful and inspiring paintings, sketches and photographs that participating artists put up for auction. Some of the artists for LWALA included Desi Sanchez, Amanda Dolan, Lana Ornkilint, Lady O, Jessica Perilla, Zaria Forman and Serge Strosberg. All the proceeds went to this worthy cause. While talking to Erica Birmingham, who is also on the LWALA board, she informed us that it only takes 75 cents for a person to get tested. Events such as these help the disadvantaged in Kenya significantly prolong their lives.

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