Atoms, The Shoe With A 39,000-Person Waitlist, Just Opened An NYC Pop-Up

by Michael Tommasiello · September 30, 2019

    What happens when one of your feet is slightly bigger than the other? Or when you’re an in-between size and have to go a half size up and deal with a flimsy foot, or go half a size smaller and then walk around in pain? Short of wearing weird looking orthopedic shoes, there was very little that could be done to accommodate people’s actual foot sizes. No one would wear contacts that weren’t measured for their eyes, so why is it that we just shrug and settle for ill-fitting shoes when we spend all day on our feet?

    Thanks to Atoms, the cool new footwear brand that measures your feet in quarter sizes and gives you two different sizes for each of your feet, the ideal sneaker is just a measurement away. At their first retail location pop-up, open through October 31st in Soho, Atoms encourages people to come in and find their perfect fit.

    In addition to being a retail space for the brand that has predominantly existed on the internet and social media, the pop-up will double as an event space where the founders, Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali, will be hosting panels, parties, and conversations. Current programming includes a panel conversation with Lauri Freedman of the Whitney Museum of American Art and a screening of documentary shorts from director Nicholas Heller. Also, exclusive to the pop-up, will be the limited edition Model 000 sneaker in neon.

    The best way to bypass the 39,000 person digital waitlist for the sneaker is to stop by in person. It's located at 264 Elizabeth street, open Monday - Friday 11 am - 7 pm and Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 8 pm. Trust, your feet will thank you.