Australia Week In The U.S.

by guestofaguest · January 23, 2008

    australians take over times square

    [Aussies take over Times Square]

    Australia is in mourning over their beloved jewel Heath (as we all are), and ironically, his death falls during what is the 5th year of the "Australia Week" celebration here in the U.S.   Australia week is now "arguably the largest foreign country promotion held annually in the United States showcasing all things Australian from trade and investment, food and wine, film, arts, fashion, lifestyle, to indigenous culture and tourism."  There was a black tie gala held in L.A. last Saturday, and this Saturday, there will be one here in NY at the Waldorf Astoria.  Last year's event was a huge success with performances by Olivia Newton-John and Hugh Jackman. Ticket's sold for over $2,800 a pop and have been sold out for days.  This year, there will, no doubt be several tributes made to the talented actor who's tragic death shocked the world yesterday.

    If you didn't get the opportunity to scalp a ticket to the affair, we suggest heading down to Public, Ruby's, or Kingswood for all things Aussie.  We will be there and be ready to give you our full report next Monday.