AYR Secretly Has THE Best Sweaters

by Christie Grimm · November 14, 2019

    Finding the perfect sweater is almost as impossible as finding the perfect jean. A knit that hangs just so, actually keeps you warm, and isn't so trendy that you'll be selling it on The Real Real a year from now.

    It's no secret that beloved cult brand AYR has all of your denim needs covered. It's basically buy one pair, get a free new tush over there. But they've also got the platonic ideal of classic sweaters you've been searching for.

    Meet your new best friend this winter, Le Square. A cool girl version of an Aran sweater, there should be a cult just to worship this piece of heaven, it's that amazing. It's super thick, incredibly comfortable, and thanks to it's generous shape, leaves plenty of room to explore all of your layering possibilities. It's a real struggle to find a sweater that has that perfectly oversized hang, but somehow AYR has done it. Seem too good to be true? The most annoying thing about Le Square is the mental spiral it will send you down when deciding whether to get it in Snow or Black. We wish we could help you, but it's honestly impossible to choose.

    From one Sophie's Choice to another, The Radio is the only striped sweater you'll ever need. A lesson in how to do the most while actually doing this least, this bengal striped beauty will lend a heavy dash of French Girl effortless vibes to any ensemble. Wear with skinny jeans, wide pants, even elegantly tucked into a fitted skirt. A very Jenna Lyons move. 

    [Photos by Yumi Matsuo]