Bare Legs In Winter: Bold Beauty Statement Or Just Plain Stupid?

by Christie Grimm · January 6, 2016

    Chloë Grace Moretz

    Yesterday - the coldest, windiest day in the world, a day that won the trending title #TooColdTuesday - Chloe Moretz decided to step out in high-waisted, nauticalesque shorts and strappy pumps. Oh, and of course, a pea coat uninsulatingly draped over her shoulders.

    Today, Vogue has declared this barelegged display a Bold Beauty Statement.

    Today, Harper's Bazaar feted her choice as their Style Secret.

    Today, we're declaring this just stupid.

    Even if you're solely walking the width of the sidewalk, straight from your building to a waiting taxi, we've a zero tolerance policy for seasonally inappropriate dressing. So next time you consider putting on a brave face, and smiling through the cold as you totter about in heeled booties around the East Village, in nothing but a leather jacket and skirt, just remember this well-intentioned gesture of wisdom from your proverbial party parent - there are no winners in this defiant sartorial climate game. And that Bold Beauty Statement you're making? Well, it's not a good one. That's for sure.

    [Photo via @chloegmoretz_fashion]