Best Dressed Guests: Week Of July 18th

by Chiara Atik · July 23, 2010

    Everyone knows that the best part about going out is getting dressed up, and the attendees at the parties Guest of a Guest covers usually do this with aplomb. Here are the people (and outfits) who made an impression on us this week…-

    Tie for first place: Zoe Kazan and (capsule) Guest In Blue

    We loved both of these bright blue dresses so much, we couldn't decide between them. So we're picking both.

    At the (capsule) after party, the girl on the left kept her blue dress casual with minimal makeup and cute ballet flats, though she did add a knockout statement necklace. Hair was, again, loose, casual. (Speaking of her hair: can we have it? Kgreatthanks.)

    Zoe Kazan, on the other hand, wore her bright blue to accompany boyfriend Paul Dano to his movie premiere, so obviously a bit more dressing up was in order. She wore some intense heels, and while we normally don't like white shoes, the big bows work really well with the dress.

    And can we talk a second about frizz? It was about 90 degrees outside, and 100 inside the theater, so stick straight locks weren't happening for anyone. But something about the messiness of Zoe's hair looked really...good. Like, the cool, low-maintenance girl who will throw her hair up and come to a movie premiere with you and not care about Frizz-ease. Which I guess is why she is dating Paul Dano, and we aren't. (Hmmph.)

    The Extra Man Gallery HERE, Write-up HERE

    (capsule) Gallery HERE, Write-up HERE




    Second Place: Beer Mädchen at Loreley

    You know what we think is pretty? Wristwatches. You know what else is always pretty? Girls who look like they're having a really good time (not to reference that cheesy Audrey Hepburn quotation).

    When you go to a beer garden on the Lower East Side on a Thursday night, it's hard to strike the balance between looking nice and looking way too dressed up for the casual setting. This girl takes a pretty dress, but keeps it from looking stuffy by casually putting her hair up, and keeping the accessories to a minimum. And again, her relaxed, "I'm-Having-Fun" demeanor finishes the whole look. (The beer helps with this, we know.)

    Loreley Pop-Up Party, Gallery HERE, Write-up HERE


    Third Place: Stepped Out Of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce For A Cigarette Break

    THIS GUY sort of makes us think of Smitty would wear on Mad Men. Or something. We can't exactly tell, but it looks like he might have...a cigarette holder? Can it be?

    Red pants, floral tie, cigarette holder: never go back to whatever time period you came from, guy, we like you right here.

    Post-Pride Cocktail Party Pictures HERE





    Honorable Mentions:

    The Babies...

    Why do I have a feeling this baby is listening to cooler music than I am?

    Look at her, cooly posing for pictures while deftly holding her drink and iPhone with her manicured fingers! Hipster glasses at age 9? We're impressed.

    And the older crowd..


    Lest there be any confusion: Zelda Kaplan is 93 years old. And wearing a see-through blouse.