Big New York Names Head To Sotheby's To Take Home A Nude

by SARAH MANDATO · October 8, 2009

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    Last night the New York Academy of Art held its 18th annual Take Home a Nude art auction and party at Sotheby's. Greg Lauren, Elizabeth Berkley, Heather Graham, Eileen Guggenheim, Cindy Adams, Gigi Mortimer, Liev Schreiber, a pregnant, glowing Padma Lakshmi, Kate and Andy Spade, Thom Browne, Jim Nelson and Evan Yurman showed to raise their paddles in support of need-based scholarships and the endowment fund for the organization's emerging artists, as well as public programs. This guest list continues the Academy's history of counting New York icons and the city's largest arts supporters among its patrons and members, beginning with original trustees Andy Warhol and Tom Wolfe.

    Heather GrahamThom Browne Heather Graham, Thom Browne

    Padma LakshmiLiev Schreiber Padma Lakshmi (with baby bump!), Liev Schreiber

    Andy Spade, Kate Spade Andy Spade, Kate Spade

    Cindy Adams Cindy Adams

    Christopher Makos, Paul Solberg Christopher Makos, Paul Solberg

    Jim Nelson, David Kratz Jim Nelson, David Kratz

    Eileen Guggenheim, Shauna Brook, Dustin Yellin, Evan Yurman Eileen Guggenheim, Shauna Brook, Dustin Yellin, Evan Yurman