Bikes + Art: First Annual Bike Parade In LIC, Queens


     Bike Parade, LIC [Photo from NY TImes]

    Love to ride your bicycle? like Queen?

    Bikes aren't just for delivery boys or messengers; nowadays a bike is chic and eco-friendly. Not only are you helping the environment by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and using less fossil fuels, but you're also getting a workout.

    That doesn't mean your bike has to look like everyone else's. A bike can truly express the identity of the rider. If you don't believe me check out the sweet rides featured in this slideshow in a previous issue of the online NYTimes Style section.

    That being said, you are going to love LIC's first annual Bike Parade beginning at Socrates Sculpture Park on Saturday, May 10th. In conjunction with Bike New York, Freestyle Arts Association, Friends of Queensbrige Park, Materials for the Arts, The Noguchi Museum, Partnerships for Parks, Recycle-A-Bicycle and Transportation Alternatives, this FREE (I know, I was surprised too) event is geared toward children; however, it specifically says "of all ages", I wonder if a "kid" over 20 counts. I'm young at heart, really! The afternoon workshops begin at 12 P.M. and are focused on learning to reuse materials in order to fix and decorate your bike. Think an eco-friendly pimp my ride, minus Xzibit, but plus an actual artist. That's right, there will also be a slew of artists at the event, so if you are not artistically inclined, there will be someone to rescue you.

    Afterwards you get to show off your bike artwork all across LIC in the bike parade. It's the beauty pagent you never entered, but this time for your bicycle. If you are interested, (bring your child, or a nephew or niece just in case they won't let you in all by your lonesome because you can't pass for a kid anymore) get there well before 11:30 when the official registration begins because at these prices, no price that is, the event is sure to fill up.

    And if you can't get enough of bikes, pick up a bicycle painting or choose to have a custom portrait done by artist Taliah Lempert, now at Brooklyn Flea.

    [Matthew Modine Wants Us All To Ride Our Bike]