Blackbook Magazine Takes Over 1Oak

by CLAIRE WILLETT · April 16, 2008

    blackbook party [Photo by Rossa Cole]

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    Ever been in a room full of people you're sure are fabulous but whom you don't actually recognize? We were, last night at Blackbook Magazine's May issue bash, held at the "First you need to get in. Then you need to be cool enough to get a table. Then you can get bottles" glory that is 1 Oak. Somehow we got in that door and, later, into a cushy banquette next to our lovely chum Model Behavior. First though, we ran into the ever dapper Single Threat, who was able to give us the down-low (low-down? no doubt) re the buffed and de-puffed cognescetti getting their Skky-fueled freak on to the Beatles and Britney.

    richie rich and clan [Photo by Rossa Cole]

    While we scoped, we spotted the fantastic emerging designer Le Q, sporting a pair of leopard-skin loafers and skinny red trousers from his own line. Watch out for this 19 year old; we predict he's going to be huge. We also bumped (literally, and stutteringly) into Richie Rich from Heatherette, smiling bewitchingly beneath a newsboy cap. When we met up with Model Behavior, she introduced us to Jasmin Rosemberg, the former columnist for the Post, and a Life and Style contributor, whose insider guide cum tell-all, How the Other Half Hamptons, is coming soon to a B&N near you. In sum, we had some gorgeous cocktails, listened to fun, and eclectic music, met a bunch of interesting people, and gawked our contact lenses out. We can't wait for June...

    Single Threat's Two Cents: On Wednesday night a bunch of scensters, models, actors and socials gathered at 1Oak (OUR new favorite place) to celebrate BlackBook’s May issue, hailed the design issue. Our fav ‘Indy Queen’ Christina Ricci is on the cover and she’s looking hot. Why wasn’t she there?? The DJ was spinning some seriously hot tunes, the open bar was flowing, and the flashbulbs were a flutter.

    Fabulous Editor-in-Chief Steve Gabarino, designer Keith Lissner, Fashionable and Fun Chao Ngo, Hip PMc Photog with an Edge David X Prutting, Heir Apparent’s Kristian LaLiberte, Model/Actress/Vixen Annabel Vartanian, WWD’s Michelle Edgar, scenester Kelley Hoffman, actress Summer Raj, Artwing(men) Scott Buccheit and Naeem Delbridge, GofG photographer Etta Shon.

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