Bonobos: The Holy Grail Of Pants

by Rachelle Hruska · July 29, 2008

    andy and brianThough this may be a bit superficial,  I'm not ashamed to admit it:  one of the first things I look at in a guy is how he fills out his pants.  It is such a turn on to see a man in a good pair of pants.  I remember seeing "Three Days of Rain" on Broadway and instead of staring at Julia Roberts all night, I was mesmerized by Bradley Cooper and his pants.

    "Did you see how good he looked in those pants of his?!"

    I would later recall with my friend.  Men of the world take's time to get some hot pants.  Welcome Bonobos. I have been hearing about these pants from their enthusiastic fans for months now.  They are indeed creating quite the buzz:

    bonobos"We've just found the holy grail of pants. To be more precise, we've just located the most perfect-fitting pants we've ever tried on." [Uncrate]

    Founded by Andy and Brian...two guys who just wanted a pair of some well fitting pants!  I have personally seen these pants in action and they worked WONDERS! Transforming my friend, once a regular Joe Schmo into a suave pant perfection.  We couldn't stop admiring his details (on the pants guys!)  These guys even have a blog.  I think I'm in love.-