Bonobos: Wall Street's Latest Craze

by CLAIRE WILLETT · June 9, 2008

    BonobosReady to retire the Bear Stearn vest, but unsure of a worthy replacement? Get thee to Bonobos, stat. Founder and designer Brian Spaly started the line of lightweight cords and cotton twill trousers while he was still at Stanford B-school, and discontent with the current state of trousers. A cross between J.Crew and Trovata, only with a better fit, the pants come in styles like the Brothers Grinn -

    "like your favorite khakis, only better in three ways: 1. They fit like Bonobos, so no KDB (khaki diaper butt). 2. The dark brown is going to look clean a lot longer – like driving a silver car in winter. 3. The organic cotton fabric is easy on the environment and softer than puppy fur,"

    and the Nantucket red Caperton cords -"Perfect for cocktails at the yacht club on a cool summer night, yet equally at home when paired with a button down or a sweater at an autumn football tailgate. It’s warmer and sturdier than our famous lightweight corduroy, but the color is entirely appropriate for beaches, boats, and bars." Each style comes with a story, but the pants sell themselves, down to the last paisley-lined pocket.