Brooklyn Royalty Video Lookbook at 3rd Ward

by guestofaguest · May 30, 2008

     [Bob Bland in middle with models from Lookbook video]

    Go HERE for more photos from the event by Antwan Duncan.

    Bob Bland, the founder of Brooklyn Royalty hosted The Brooklyn Royalty Video Lookbook party at 3rd Ward last night.The video was upbeat, well edited, and full of sick outfits ...not to mention beautiful models.

    The Cherry trees along the waters of the Brooklyn Bridge were in full bloom. A sweet-smelling setting for the party which debuted the video with an intro that included music by Death From Above 1979.

    Brooklyn Royalty's new collection presents an edgy and unique look and 3rd Ward was the PERFECT spot to show it off. We look forward to seeing where Bob goes with her designs.

    Post written by Sarah Jaffe