Brush Up Your Shakespeare For Free: The No Excuses Guide To Getting Shakespeare In The Park Tickets

by Chiara Atik · July 9, 2009

    So the Hamptons have the beach, Paris has long walks on the Seine, LA has pristine pools and palm trees...what does New York have to offer in the summer? Shakespeare In The Park, the upside of being stuck in the heat and grime. The current production of Twelfth Night, starring Anne Hathaway, Audra Mcdonald, and Raul Esparza is probably the best you'll see anytime soon, and even if Shakespeare isn't usually your cup of English tea, this very accessible comedy is sure to keep you interested and laughing. And did we mention it's free? Of course, though tickets for this star-studded production come cheap, they definitely don't come easy. Don't worry: since we at GofG are ever helpful, we've attempted to pre-emptively answer all your questions about the ticket process...

    Shakespeare In The Park Tickets: What You Need To Know

    Where Do I Get tickets?

    Tickets are given away at 1:00 pm on the day of the performance, at the Delacorte Theater (Mid-park at 80th Street, Southwest Corner of the Great Lawn).

    Cool, so I should get there at like 12:50?

    If you stroll up to the ticket booth at 12:50, there is absolutely no way you're getting a ticket. People are CRAZY...they start to line up for tickets at 5:00 am. Get there at 6:00 am, and you'll probably get a ticket. Probably.

    Wait, so I have to get in line at 6:00...and wait til 1:00?!

    Well.....yeah. Uhm. Bring cards?

    Uhhhh, is this even worth it?

    Yes. Shakespeare is good for you. Stop complaining.

    Fine, fine. What else should I bring?

    Lawnchair, blanket, umbrella, sunscreen, food, ipod, etc etc...

    Ok, great, so I'll just pick up tickets for all my friends.

    Only if by "all your friends" you mean "my one friend"...only two tickets per person.

    What if I have to go to the bathroom? go to a bathroom. But you can't leave for more then 25 minutes, and YES, the line-monitor DOES check!

    Line monitor?

    Yeah. They're there to check and make sure you don't save spots or cheat or anything.'re SURE this is worth it?

    Yes! God.

    So now you know everything and have no excuse not to catch this amazing, only in New York City opportunity for free world-class theater in the world's best park. Better act quickly though: Twelfth Night closes on Sunday, July 12th. If you decide to go on Saturday morning, stop over and say hi! We plan on getting there at five....