Can We Ban Silly Bandz Already?

by Chiara Atik · June 22, 2010

    I can't believe I have to write about silly bandz on a website for adults, but I'm afraid it's come to this: last night, GofG employees saw a collective FOUR grown New Yorkers wearing the things as accessories. -

    Maybe I'm still burning from the (literal) sting of that other bracelet craze, Slap Bracelets, which I wore up to my elbows in 1990, until my mom banned them.  I've been mourning Slap Bracelets ever since, and have been warily eying the rise of the Silly Band(z) with one eyebrow firmly raised. To me, they just seem silly.

    Slap Bracelets--the First, The Best, The Irreplaceable                   ....the OTHER bracelets.

    Once applied, Slap Bracelets were totally worth the pain: they came in patterns such as tye dye and animal print, a perfect complement to whatever oversized t-shirt I happened to have paired my bicycle shorts with that day. Silly Bandz, when worn, just look like you have a bunch of hair ties on your wrist.

    The appeal, I suppose, is that once you take them off, they spring back into their various shapes.

    But what's the POINT when you have to take the bracelet OFF to show off it's unique shape, anyway? I mean, sure, fun for fourth graders to trade on the Playground, but surely no ADULTS could possibly buy into this, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

    This COLLEGE STUDENT should be excited about Plato, or at least, keggers. Instead:


    The  CINCINATTI BENGAL TIGERS, aka an NFL FOOTBALL TEAM, are tweeting about SIlly Bandz.

    @Bengals_News Forever Collectibles NFL Cincinnati Bengals Logo Bandz « Silly Bandz

    Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing Silly Bandz!

    This woman is a NEW MOM and a LAW STUDENT. She's got a TON of stuff on her plate. Example:

    @tashsparkles Help! I've got to buy Silly Bandz today! Where do I go? Target? Wally World?

    This guy who's, like, in a ROCK BAND, apparently likes to rock Silly Bandz on his wrist.

    @JamieDeverBPS woke up, my mom got me a pack of silly bandz, i got to work on time, and its payday. pretty legit day so far. #upsides

    Mary-Kate Olsen's fashion line, The Row, has t-shirts priced for $250. What does M-K wear on her wrist? SILLY BANDZ.

    This is a RAP about Silly Bandz.

    Need we go on?

    It's definitely time for a ban.