Cecilia Cassini, The Latest Of The Little It-Girls

by Chiara Atik · May 26, 2010

    When I was 11, I wasn't coordinated enough to stick my straw into my Capri Sun, but Cecilia Cassini can apparently handle a sewing machine with enough dexterity to get her featured in Vogue. Her clothes can be purchased at Fred Segal, or, if you're Miley Cyrus, she'll custom-make a gown for you (she'll even work recess if you're on a deadline.)-


    100 years ago, the Progressive Party in New York was working hard to pass Child Labor Laws to keep children from slaving away with needles and thread--now, Cassini does it out of her own volition, five hours a night in her room. And she has STRONG opinions about fashion, too.

    "I absolutely adore Coco Chanel. Nobody can replace Coco Chanel, she's to die for."

    To die for? Kids today and their newfangled jargon!

    "But Karl Lagerfeld , he is the perfect desginer for Chanel now, because he still carries on the Chanel tradition, but he adds a chic, modern touch to it."

    So, her opinions on Fashion aren't quite as evolved as Tavi Gevinson's (who, at 14 seems practically elderly by comparison.) But maybe, as far as Cassini is concerned, those who can, design, and those who can't, blog...


    Earlier this month, Cassini presented an award at the Young Hollywood Awards. No biggie. (Well, sort of a biggie: "Soooooo fun/Sooooo amazing" she posts on her blog.)

    Cassini was also on The Today Show (she was interviewed by Jenna Bush Hager), where she reads aloud from a letter she wrote to Chanel in which she states "I'd be happy to meet with you to show my designs; Sincerely and Fashionably, Cecilia Cassini."

    Cassini recently started an EcoDesign label (eco design is SO on trend!), and she graciously gave an interviewfor it, hair blown out and highlighted, lip gloss perfectly applied, scarf jauntily tied around her shoulders. (At age 11, mind you, the less evolved children of the 1980s were sporting bike shorts with haphazardly chosen t-shirts from whatever Summer Camp we last attended)

    "I get inspiration from New York, and like, a lot of places in Europe, cause everything is so beautiful there?"

    Cassini tells the interviewer. (At 11, I got inspiration from Stick Stickley.)

    At about one minute in, a 12 year old with a startlingly raspy smokers voice shows off some of her personal favorite Cassini pieces.

    "This is one of Cecilia's skirts that she made out of a tablecloth." she rasps.

    We seem to be writing about wunderkids with increasing frequency lately, which leads me to believe the younger generation is totally stepping up their game. Style icons, young actresses, and mini-socialites, breaking onto the scene and getting press before they hit puberty.

    We're pretty impressed, and are looking forward to being able to retire at 30 when they take over all our jobs in their mid-teens.

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