Chanel Preview: Temporary Lapse In Devotion To Recession Chic

by SARAH MANDATO · April 29, 2009

    [All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]. On Tuesday, the Chanel store previewed the Paris-Moscou collection, displaying silhouettes inspired by the Russian pictoral avant-garde. Alexandra Lebenthal, Zani Gugelmann, Shoshanna Gruss and Christina Greeven Cuomo were among those dressed to the nine's, there to glimpse Karl Lagerfeld's interpretive blend of Moscow's, "prestigious heritage," and "aesthetic revolution." The fashion god, protege to the iconic Madame Chanel, presented looks encouragement enough to break even the most adamant aspirations to recession frugality.

    Alexandra Lebenthal; Coralie Charriole Paul, Zani Gugelmann

    Shoshanna Gruss, Christina Greeven Cuomo

    Kelly Barnicke, Angela Dotson, Anna Benton, Jamee Gregory, Kalliope Karella, Barbara Cirkza

    Kate Allen, Edward Barsamian, Corinne Kotovof, Cathy Riba, Nicole Kotovof, Zina Sapir