Checking Out "The Gates," The Newest Hot Spot In Chelsea And Host Of Out Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Party

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · April 21, 2009

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    I think I've found a new favorite spot. It is called the Gates and is located in the heart of Chelsea, blocks away from apartment. Besides the proximity to me, the club boasts a Rose Bar feel complete with a working fireplace along with a couple things you won't find in other spots. First there is the banquets with the lift able lids, where you can store all of your stuff without having to worry all night that your purse or jacket is getting pilfered. Second they have a phone booth that doesn't actually have a phone inside but is made for people to go into on their own cell phones when they need to take a call. More story and photos below... No more walking out in the cold, hot, rain or snow to get that call in a too loud club. The bathrooms are also all individual stalls for added privacy and there is a kitchen that is going to be preparing a range of appetizers. The bar and the lounge areas are actually separated which is smart. If you have a table you have table service while others have an area for themselves by the bar. Owners Redd Stylez, Danny Kane, and Rod Surut have started off strong and so far the place has my vote.

    The reason for my visit to The Gates was its first official event the Out Magazine 50 Most Powerful issue/Grey Gardens Premier Party. The issue features covergirl Drew Barrymore who along with Jessica Lange star in Grey Gardens. Other social gays in attendance included: Naeem Delbridge, Robert Fowler, Douglas Marshal, Nicholas James Brown, Michael Lucas and Jared M. Clark.

    We didn't stay long because we had dinner reservations at Koi and a table reservation for later that night at Rose Bar, though we will be sure to check out The Gates again soon. Dinner companions included Lydia Hearst, Alexandra Tomlinson, Elizabeth O'Neil, Eric Richman and Jake Hoffman.


    The Gates