Chloe And Paul Sevigny Take Over Kiehl's In The East Village

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · April 10, 2009

    [Chloe Sevigny, Paul Sevigny. All pictures by NEIL RASMUS for PMc]

    On Thursday night I was able to combine all my passions into one event: skincare, fun social/good friends, Mac'n'Cheese, the East Village and Chloe Sevigny. Being the East Village's newest resident (I moved here in February) I was happy to truck up a few blocks to the legenday Kiehl's shop on 3rd Avenue to celebrate Kiehl's history in the East Village (since 1851 if you wondered) and support the Doe Fund. Begin a beauty binger, it's never hard to twist my arm to show to show up at a place like Kiehl's. I was not at a loss for good company - This place turned out some really great celebs:

    Kim Kardsahian, Estelle, Brittny Gastineau, Amber Tamblyn, Tim Morehouse, and Jason Rogers joined host Chloe Sevigny and Kiehl's president Chris Salgardo as Chloe's bro DJ Paul Sevigny spun great tunes. The expansive store was packed with some of our favorite socials, beauty experts, style fiends, and writers: Clay Floren, Victoria Kirby, William Buckley, Kate Schelter, Akbar Hamid, Jacqueline Jordan, Chris Coffee, Lisa Salzer, Billy Farrell and Sarah Cunningham to name a few. The party was fun and relazed and everyone seem to be having a good time as we enjoyed the food and Kiehl's fashions that were shown off by models. It all just seemed to work!

    Honorable mentions go to the Mac'n'Cheeze and Skyy Vodka infusions. Also, as Chris Salgardo addressed the partygoers to say "Kiehl's does not belong to us, it belongs to you - the members of the East Village community" - some girl took that quite literally as she shoved a shampoo into her handbag!! YES, we did see you!

    Kim Kardashian, Chris Salgardo

    Chloe Sevigny, Brittny Gastineau

    Douglas Marshall, Clay Floren

    Kwame, Chris Salgardo, Leigh Lezark

    Chris Salgardo, Chloe Sevigny, Nazarene Griffin

    Jason Rogers, Tim Morehouse