Christy Turlington Dishes On Why Fashion Parties Are Actually The Worst

by Christie Grimm · February 8, 2017

    In a recent interview with Elle, the perfect human specimen and perpetual lifestyle, beauty, health and fashion inspiration that is Christy Turlington opened up on all things fashion. Having been the model face of a generation, she's now back in the game with an extra spicy campaign featuring husband Ed Burns, a sandy beach, and some hot, rough waters for Calvin Klein.

    Most interesting, however, was her too brilliant response when asked if she'd be making it to any fashion parties this NYFW.

    "Nope. Sorry. The last fashion party I went to was the Met [Gala] two or three years ago, and it definitely wasn't fun. It's like, standing in line and having to go to the bathroom for two hours. Then sitting for five minutes. So, no."

    Truer words.

    [Photo via Getty]