Cocktails For A Cause? Art Production Fund Hosts Party for "Learn to Communicate Like a F*NG Normal Person" Exhibition

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 1, 2009

    [Casey Fremont, Anastasia Rogers, Jessie Cohan, Yvonne Force Villareal. All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc] Last night at the Art Production Fund art lovers came out for cocktails celebrating the new exhibition: "Learn How To Communicate Like a F*&ing Normal Person." Anastasia Rogers and Jessie Cohan curated the exhibit, which aims to highlight the "elliptical and overlapping" conversation between the artists featured, who all live in close proximity to each other.  We don't remember much about ellipses, but according to APF the cohesion of the work lies in "a form of communication devoid of the obvious, but not the observable." The premise surprisingly does sound normal given the plethora of subtexts that New Yorkers learn to appreciate given the amazing diversity of our beloved city.  Highlighting everyones' enthusiasm for said artistic theory, and/or the free booze, the event was absolutely packed and spirits were high.

    The glimpses of the art we caught through the crowds were great and represent the work of the following seven artists: Patrick Berran, Alex Hubbard, David Malek, Davina Semo, Mika Tajima, and hosts John Tremblay and James Weingrod. The exhibition, open until May 30th, is funded by Ben and Jerry's.  While there wasn't any cherry garcia, the wine and beer kept the guests happy and the (normal) conversation flowing.

    Artist Davina Semo

    Jamie and Bettina Prentice, Sarah Basile, Nell Rebowe

    Artist Mika Tajima

    Serena Merriman, Etta Meyer, Yvonne Force Villareal, Meredith Darrow

    Bennett Leifer, Clay Floren

    Graham Jonas