Collective Consciousness Alzheimer's Event At TenJune

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 2, 2008

     TTenJune, the Collective Consciousness event, Natalie Morales

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan

    Antwan was all over town last night. After hitting up the Kenneth Cole event, he headed down to TenJune where the Collective Consciousness event was going on. Natalie Morales of NBC\'s Today Show toasted a packed house of NYC. Here was GofG\'s recap of the event, straight from the horses mouth (Antwan):

    "TenJune was packed! And to think I was under the impression that everyone was going to forget where to go for last night\'s silent auction due to the affliction that affects more than 5 million people a year is Alzheimers. [bad joke] The space was beautiful and full of people in the mood to give. The crowd was young, hot, and pouring out their wallets for a good cause.

    The Silent Auction room had awesome items including a night\'s stay in the Hampton\'s to gym memberships at David Barton\'s Gym. The lists filled up fast! It\'s nice to see that young people were meeting at TenJune for a common good, and not just to get obliberated on a Saturday night."