Come "Save The Eggs" Tonight

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 1, 2008

    savetheeggsinvitefront_24princefinal-150x150Generally it's not that easy to get pregnant, unless you are, say, under 25 and not married. While that is one trend, another trend is using good old fertility drugs if you are having issues conceiving. Then there is harvesting eggs, which is something you can do when you are younger and you have not met mr. right yet, but you want to eventually use the right egg to conceive the right child - so you can "save the eggs" by harvesting them. There are other situations where one might want to "save the eggs". For instance, take my friend, Society Blogger, Tia Walker. In February she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and told that she would have to take certain drugs that render her unable to conceive a child for up to 5 years after treatments.

    Also due to chemo and other treatments, it might make it harder to conceive. This would be an ideal situation to "save the eggs", put them on ice to save some good ones and get them ready for 5 years from now. However, when you need to start Chemo in 2 weeks and the cost to harvest eggs is over $10,000 dollars and you don't have $10,000, you don't get to save your eggs. This was the case with Tia.

    Tia is proactive; she started Chemo and immediately joined forces with Fertile Hope, a not for profit initiative whose mission is to secure funds for women unable to cover the expense of saving their eggs when faced with the possibility of infertility due to chemotherapy – specifically in the treatment of Breast Cancer.

    Tia has worked very hard to put together a cocktail party fund raiser that will take place this evening at 24 on Prince Street. The benefit is appropriately titled, "Save the Eggs" and the party is going to be amazing. The benefit is an initial fundraising effort to increase awareness of egg harvesting. Save the Eggs proceeds will be collected and presented through the newly formed Tia Walker Breast Cancer Initiative. The price of each ticket is $75 and will go to Fertile Hope. We at Guest of a Guest fully support Tia and "Save the Eggs" and would love to have you join us tonight.

    For more information on purchasing tickets, please contact The cocktail party is from 6pm to 8pm at 24, located at 24 Prince Street.