Condom Dresses Threaten Last Vestiges Of Times Square Sex Shops

by MADDY MADISON · February 29, 2008

    condom dressesOk, not quite. I think those institutions, so abhorred by Guliani, will be around longer than cockroaches. But, we must admit, there are few things more intriguing and repulsive than an entire wardrobe made of condoms. A Brazilian artist, Adriana Bertini, took it upon herself to stretch the limits of resourcefulness by gathering up thousands of rejected condoms (which is not the same as used, obviously) to construct rather beautifully made garments with an eye for outrageous color. Grasping for the right words to describe the collection? David Gere, director of the Art Global Health Center, waxes poetic for those of us with only a few brain cells left by Friday afternoon: "Art has the unique power to educate memorably about HIV prevention -- Bertini's condom dresses are simply unforgettable -- and to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS, which public health experts around the world agree are the biggest challenges we face." Cool. I guess you just can’t wear them in the summer.