Confessions From An ACURA TSX

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 20, 2008

    after party, Acura TSX

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Mark Bailey

    If you happened to be at GENart young designer awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night, you may have noticed the hottest attraction at the after party - the all new Acura TSX. Yes, that was a car in the room and yes, it was the hottest style accessory there. Acura is a major sponsor of GENart, so the TSX was featured as an interactive display ~ which by the end of the night could have been a sociology research project. I had the pleasure of being asked to be the Acura Style Guide, helping conduct the Acura Style Personality Quiz to decide which Acura Persona bets fits each participant. There was Cutting Edge (the black TSX), Sophisticated (the silver TSX) or Fun Loving (the red TSX).

    I sat in the back of the car with my fun and vivacious red-head cohort, Brooke, who sat in the front playing DJ and working the Navigation System for our guests. We asked people questions like, "Would you have dinner at Babo, Bond Street or BLT Prime" or would they listen to a song (as featured in the Runway Show) by M.I.A or David Bowie. Based on those responses we determined which Acura TSX would best fit them – a diagnosis if you will. The real inspiration of the night turned out to be the cast of characters who ventured into the car to take the quiz with us.

    I was taken back by how much fun I was actually able to have sitting in the back seat of a car talking to complete strangers about their social tastes. People were all about it jumping into the car to hang out, volunteering more information than they were asked (thanks to the Tequila sponsor), blowing the horn and offering to drive Brooke and I right out of the Hammerstein (we got a LOT of road trip offers). First of all, the joke about drinking and driving NEVER got old as guests were asked NOT to bring their drink into the car. By the end of the night I felt like I was part of a newer version of "Taxi Cab Confessions" - I got an offer for a date from Jesper, a chance to network with verbose VH1 style guy, Indashio, I posed in many pictures with strangers, got some Hemp hand cream from Claire, held the award that designer Marie Podesta won, and I was never at a loss for laughs. Brooke and I could often be heard cheering and screaming from the car as we matched the amped up attitudes of our guests.

    Everyone was so fun and friendly and genuinely excited to see if they were cutting edge or fun loving. It was a total success! Kind of like indoor tailgaiting, because people mulled around the car long after their Acura Persona was diagnosed. The Acura TSX was the place to be at GENart last night! Sitting in an immobile car has never been so much fun!