Scott Really In Mood For Giving Back, Does Two Nights of Charity!

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · January 23, 2009

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    Despite the January chill and my intense desire to stay home and stay warm, I needed to go out and support some of the charities I am a part of this week.  Wednesday night I began by attending the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Champion Committee Event at Norwood.  I was invited by my friend Francesco Clark, who is the founder of Clark's Botanical products and was one of the hosts of the evening.  Francesco  was paralyzed in a diving accident, in 2002 and instead of wallowing  in the tragedy has risen above it to be a successful business man and  is truly an inspiration.  He introduced me to his best friend Elisa Lipsky-Karasz as well as Christopher Reeve's daughter, the lovely Alexandra Reeve Givens. Friends who came to support included supermodel Maggie Rizer, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Grace Gomez Brea, Carrie Baker, Susan Kilkenny, Zev Eisenberg, Tim Morehouse, Jason Rogers and Gillian Hearst Simonds.

    More story and photos below: Our next stop on Wednesday was the Gala Opening for the 2009 American Antiques Show with Martha Stewart, Tim Gunn, Eric Cohler and Ellie Cullman.  The event was a benefit for the American Folk Art Museum.  Our whole crew went in support and we had a lot of fun checking out the Americana and mugging for the  cameras.  We ran into my favorite octogenarian, Bill Cunningham and we took turns taking pictures of each other.

    Last night, Grace and I attended the Gala for the Winter Antiques show at the Park Avenue Armory. I am on the Benefit Committee for Young Collectors and this is the first of a week long's worth of events.  As we arrived, we passed Martha Stewart and Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaving.  The event was well attended by a very well-heeled crowd, although we couldn't help but notice that we were younger than everybody in the place by about 30 years or so.  After we did a lap in the huge space, we high-tailed it out of there and headed downtown for  dinner at Indochine with the gang.  Our dinner companions included Susan Kilkenny, Carrie Baker, Marie La France, Justin Giunta, Tim Goossens, Buck Jensen and Peter Bacanovic.