Crashing But Not Breaking; Anya Hindmarch Keeps It Real

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · February 11, 2009

    ["Chessy's Champions" Photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc]

    Tuesday night I tagged along with a friend* to the Anya Hindmarch F/W 09 Preview at the Anya Arms (“Arms” is like British for Crib – it just sounds classier). We rolled up to the Meatpacking local and rang the buzzer. For a minute I was thinking this was some apartment party; but no, it’s the hidden super swank AH showroom. I walked into the room and it was like an explosion of the most coveted junior socialite set –

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    -Lydia Fenet, Chessy Wilson, Bonnie Morrison, Poppy Delevingne, Chau Ngo*, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and at the helm of this super intimate gathering was AH US PR Director Ashley Wick (an old time fav). Rolling in a little late with “tussled” golden locks and freshly kissed (draw your own conclusion) was Anisha Lakhani. It wasn’t long after that I realized I was one of two guys in the room. The other two were David X Prutting and Hud Morgan. The only thing missing was David Patrick Columbia; but don’t worry because I captured it all....

    Of course with the economy there is all this talk about people cutting back on fashion week parties and how no one is serving food. This was not the case at the AH showroom. There were British themed snacks, which did not go to waste on me! Salt and Vinegar Chips, Prawn Flavored Chips, Fish Flavored crisps and don’t forget the Pork Grinds. I actually tried my first Pork Grind and it was nasty as I expected it to be. The only thing missing, perhaps, was Marmite!

    The cool part of the party is that we bonded over a trivia game. It was like a fancy girl’s game night. The room was divided into 4 teams and we played a round of trivia. I was on “Chess’s Champions” and despite the fact that we didn’t know the name of the boat in the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley” we WON! I was informed of this VICTORY via text from Anisha because Chau and I had to jet down to BoConcept on Greene Street to check out the latest David Foote art collaborations with BoConcept furniture, Timo! Neckwear and Izola Shower Curtains (the man behind those curtains is none other than Neil Rasmus). Chau and I scoured all over the store to give a shout out to Neil, who was nowhere to be found. We think he left early to go home and shower. Why wouldn’t you when you could have a shower of all those “new girls” staring you down! Well done on all the collaborations – especially the David Foote for Timo! Neckpiece. It drapes as a scarf, a hood, a collar. It’s pure bliss. If you see Chau and I roaming Bryant Park tents in that neckpiece next week, you know we got ourselves hooked up!

    Bonnie's Boffins

    Kate Schelter, Ashley Baker, Anisha Lakhani

    Sabine Heller, Hud Morgan, Serena Merriman, Jessica Joffe