Creme de la City: La Mer Celebrates Oceana

by MAGGIE HUNTER · January 30, 2009

    [Jeff Goldblum, Maureen Case, Keith Addis, Joyce Varvatos, Sting, Bettina Zilkha, Sam Waterston. All photos by PATRICK MCMULLAN for PMc.]

    While the brave men and women of our armed forces are fighting to save our high seas from buccaneering bands of roving pirates, philanthropists are focusing their attention on other marine concerns.  La Mer skin care, along with fashion writer Bettina Zilkha, hosted a party at a private New York residence to celebrate Oceana, the world's largest environmental organization focused entirely on ocean preservation. 

    More story and photos below:

    Patrick McMullan himself attended the event, and snapped some great photos of the guests, including Jeff Goldbum, Sting, Keith Addis, Sam Waterston, Joyce Varvatos, Tom Farley, Sabrina Antolini, and Baroness Monica Von Neumann.

    Jeff Goldblum, Baroness Monica Von Neumann, Sabrina Antolini

    Marcia Mishaan, SunHee Grinnell. Veronica Ullmer, Sarah Brown

    Sam Waterston, Jeff Goldblum, Mary Clarke, Maureen Case, Jean Godfrey-June, Ning Chu, Sarah Brown

    Jeff Goldblum, Maureen Case

    Keith Addis, Marcia Mishaan