Daily Style Phile: Tim Garcia May Work For Marc Jacobs, But He's Making Chanel's Ankle Pouch The Hottest Accessory Of The Season!

by Rachelle Hruska · July 21, 2009

    Tim GarciaGo HERE for more GofG photos of Tim Garcia!

    Tim Garcia, the head of PR for Marc Jacob's men division got some attention from Page Six yesterday when they picked fun at his newest fashion accessory: his ankle bracelet. Apparently his friends back home in the Philippines need to keep an eye on Tim while his father, Major General Carlos F. Garcia sorts out charges of stealing $6.2 million in public funds.

    A Major Plunger? More like major Bummer. This issue with the Philippines, and the little ankle bracelet they are forcing him to wear, is hardly going to keep Tim from staying up on his fashion. More story and photos below...

    He has a job to do after all! No one wants to see the PR consultant for Marc Jacobs slacking off. He's helping to make the Chanel ankle bracelet the hottest fashion accessory of the season, and everyone from PMc to GofG is taking notice....

    And if you think an ankle braclet is bad, the government of the Philippines forced Tim and his entire family into a Federal Prison for 95 days to put pressure on his father. They are out on million dollar bonds and are still trying to expidite Tim!

    Tim Garcia

    Chanel Ankle bracelet