Danielle Staub Is Inexplicably The Life Of The Party At MadeMan Event

by Chiara Atik · July 30, 2009

    LAST NIGHT WAS DANIELLE STAUB'S BIRTHDAY! Oh...yeah, and some party thing hosted by MadeMan at Avenue. AND DANIELLE HAD CUPCAKES! The party honored "innovators and trendsetters" who exemplify what it is to be a "made man". You know who knows something about made men? DANIELLE STAUB! WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT WAS! Constantine Maroulis was also there, his second Avenue appearance in a few weeks. He shared a cupcake. With Danielle. Click for the steamy cupcake eating montage....

    Danielle Staub, Constantine Maroulis




    A delicious combination.

    Constantine Maroulis, Danielle Staub, Josh Madden

    Kind of makes you want to go buy some red velvet cupcakes, right? AND THEN THROW THEM UP.