Design Cares Runway Fashion Show For St. Jude's

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · May 1, 2009

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    Before St. Jude's Charity Hospital began research and treatment the survival rate for children with cancer was 4%. It is now 94%. That is an amazing achievement, but still cancer is the Number 1 killer of children. So it was to benefit this cause that the fabulous event called Design Cares was held.

    More story and photos below...

    The event was co-founded by Dawn Gallagher and Reynaldo Carter Davis, along with St. Jude's own Leanne Stella and a cast of hundreds of volunteers. The event, held at the Lexington Armory, was hosted by Philip Bloch, Veronica Webb and Chanel Iman and featured a runway show, a dance number, a silent auction, food from over 35 different restaurants, open bar and much more.

    I was brought in to help wrangle some models for the show. The show utilized an eclectic mix of models, social and celebs who were dubbed our "Models of Hope." The catwalk strutters included Aimee Ruby, Leigh Taylor Smith, Rachelle Hruska, Anabel Vartanian, Whitney Thompson, Jaslene Gonzalez, Tomiko Frasier Hines and Devorah Rose. My personal favorite runway moment was when the fierce Sessilee Lopez's heel broke in the middle of the runway. I swear the girl didn't flinch and walked the entire, very long catwalk, in a shoe with no heel!

    My dinner companions included the effervescent Shannen Doherty, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, Artwing's own Tim Bitici, Tim Morehouse and Alise Shoemaker. After the event I met up with more friends including Paz de la Huerta, Jason Rogers, Grace Gomez Brea, Susan Kilkenny, Carrie Baker and Louis Sarmiento. Our group actually won a bid on a house in France and will be spending a week this summer there.

    Afterwards we all headed to Rose Bar and were met by more friends including Suzanne Marchese, Chantal Adair, Diana Papanova, Vincent Jelani, Alexander Shoong, Adis Gutic, and Conor McCreedy. An amazing night was had by all and it all was for a good cause. What could be better?

    p.s. special thanks to Tuskania Pimental, Travis Givens, Rachel Sheedy and Ryan Brown for all their help and support.