DIESEL Planet Opens As Largest Store In The World, Throws A Dinner For Club Kids

by STEPHANIE WEI · February 17, 2009

    [Guests look in on Kenny Kenny's "Dinner" with Richie Rich and Patrick Mcdonald.]

    Most retailers have been closing their doors as of late, but leave it to Diesel to take the mighty risk and do just the opposite.  This morning, Diesel opened the doors to its LARGEST Diesel Planet store in the world on 5th Avenue in the Big Apple!  Diesel's monumental store is complete with an exterior towering at three stories high and assembled with hand-cut black steel and cast glass.  With the combination of Diesel's signature logo, the Mohican head, prominently displayed across the building facade and the eye-catching lighting effects, shoppers and passer-bys won't be able to miss this new retail landmark.

    More story and photos below...Fascinated by the promises of a very Diesel opening celebration, we couldn't resist stopping by yesterday's press preview for a first look at the Italian-designed interior and the snazzy merchandise.  We browsed through the store's impeccably mod displays featuring Diesel's hippest jewelry, bags and shoes.   We were most impressed with the extensive denim collection, which offers over 700 different washes and styles (as if we would have expected any less from Diesel).  You can even customize the inside waistband with your name or initials with laser-etching technology - Beat that!

    The highlight of the week-long celebration is the exclusive Diesel Dinner Series, which takes place in the west-facing window that looks out onto 5th Avenue.  By day, this window will be dressed as an NYC apartment with the classic works - steam radiator, brick wall and fire escape, etc.; by night, it transforms into a dining room complete with REAL LIVE diners.  As we strolled up last night, we passed the window and stopped to ogle at Kenny Kenny, Patrick McDonald and Richie Rich in the middle of what appeared to be a scrumptious meal.  The theme of this particular evening was "club kid night."

    Each dinner will feature individuals who epitomize the City by bringing New York into the Diesel Planet.  Tonight's diners are undoubtedly fan favorites; expect to see several of your beloved NY Giants, Danny Clark, James Butler and Justin Tuck, wining and dining in the window apartment.  In the following evenings, Diesel will host guests ranging from models to socials, including Arden Wohl and Hope Atherton.  If you're anywhere near this 5th Avenue mecca, take a gander at what they're not eating.

    [Photos by Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraksphoto]