Diesel's Rocking Musicians Dinner Series Video

by STEPHANIE WEI · March 3, 2009

    The Diesel Dinner Series kicked-off the celebration of Diesel's ginormous store opening on NYC's 5th Avenue.   During the week of February 16th-February 20th, each night the guests represented a different "theme" for the elaborate, avant-garde dinners. Check out the rad video from Night Four: Musicians that CobraSnake Starship put together, showing the festivities and crowd gathering outside the window gawking at NYC musicians while they munched on delish a meal.  (Video and more below)...


    The video features rocking commentary from Spank Rock, The Honorary Title's Jarrod Gorbel, Theophilus London, Jump Into the Gospel's Louis Epstein, Mellow X, and Young Love's Dan Keys.  From the sounds of it, these entertainers stole the stage as the leading act of the week! Would we expect less? No way. Especially since we know Diesel puts together the funkiest group of artists for all its parties.

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