Digital DUMBO Hosts Its First Event, Bringing Over 100 Digital Divas And Dudes Together

by guestofaguest · January 30, 2009

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    The first Digital DUMBO event last night was a huge success bringing together over 100 digital divas and dudes of DUMBO to mix and mingle at a packed out ReBar. Much of the conversation revolved around why something like this had never been planned before, business cards being exchanged to work together (this IS the world of new media of course) and why there was a dog in the bar! The goal of the event was to bring together the companies within the neighborhood to meet and greet over a cocktail on this side of the river versus heading into Manhattan for the events where most of this industry's networking happens.

    More story and photos below:

    Reps from HUGE, Animation Collective, Gothamist, Objective Subject, and Special Ops Media and were all in attendance in addition to the hosts Carrot Creative, and The Jar Group. Members of the New York Yelp office (Brooklyn Community Manager Peter DeNat, PR chick Chantelle Karl and Miriam Warren, Director of Marketing) also came to show support for the community.

    Digital DUMBO will be a monthly event moving forward with some new twists added to keep the community connected. There is already a Facebook page and Twitter account created to keep everyone up to speed on the next happenings. (Come on you had to expect this from this group!)

    As Mike Germano, President of Carrot Creative noted, this is the "Digital District" in DUMBO. So many companies are here with talent but we never get together. We'll walk by someone in Peas & Pickles (the local food joint) and they could be the next Flash Developer you need to help with your project. We need to change that and bring this community together. Digital DUMBO once a month is perfect for that and we were happy to help kick it off."

    Organizers: Kristin Maverick, Carrot Creative Andrew Zarick, The Jar Group Chrysanthe Tenentes

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