Dinner & Drinks With David La Chapelle

by KENDRA SEAY · September 16, 2008

    david la chapelle [Amanda Lapore, Aimee Phillips, and David La Chapelle. Photos by Shaun Mader for Patrick McMullan]

    David La Chapelle took a break from directing music videos and constructing visual masterpieces to celebrate the latest addition to his long list of exhibitions, Holy War on display at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. Mr. Chow could not have asked for a more diverse crowd for dinner and drinks thanks to the friends La Chapelle keeps. Guests included Stephanie Seymour, Caroline Rowley, Aimee Phillips, Drew Kuhse, Alina Kohlem, John Czaplicki, Gavin Brown, Aimee Phillips, Fred Torres....and one of his favorite subjects Amanda Lepore.

    amanda leporeCaroline Rowley, John Czaplickidavid lachapelle exhibition dinnerdiamond lil

    More photos from this event below...

    david lachapelle, stephanie seymour David La Chapelle & Stephanie Seymour

    Caroline Rowley, Alina Kohlem, Avry Broadbent Caroline Rowley, Alina Kohlem, Avry Broadbent

    Gavin Brown Gavin Brown

    Tony Shafrazi, Alina Kohlem Tony Shafrazi & Alina Kohlem

    Drew Kuhse, Aimee Phillips, Amanda Lepore Timothy Drew Kuhse, Aimee Phillips, Amanda Lepore, Timothy

    Tony Shafrazi, David La Chapelle Tony Shafrazi & David La Chapelle