DO GOOD FEEL GOOD Kicks Off Their First Event This Friday

by Rachelle Hruska · December 11, 2008

    Do Good Feel GoodDoes anyone else remember that Friends episode where Joey insists that there is no good deed that you can do that doesn't make you feel good about yourself and Phoebe tries to prove him wrong?  Well, a group of eight guys are taking that idea, and forming a non-profit group.  They are spear-headed by Teddy van Beuran, his brother Mikey and David X Prutting, of PMc fame.  Their debut party is this Friday, and we will have pictures on Monday. Hoping to find out more about the group and their concept, I spoke to Teddy who had this to say:

    "Our mission statement is simple, we want to DO GOOD. We have always wanted to be the GOOD Guys, we have always looked up to the heroes that fight for what is right and what is GOOD, and now we have the ability and the responsibility to give back and in the process, DO GOOD. We partner with charitable organizations and causes that we believe in, and that we believe we can significantly impact through social awareness and fund raising. We like doing GOOD and want to spread the idea that it, “FEELS GOOD to DO GOOD.”

    "Now more then ever we feel it's a time that we all need to give back, DO GOOD, and help out where we can. This first event is our way of DOING GOOD this time of year, helping bring kids an awesome Christmas who otherwise would not have received it. The GOOD Christmas party also acts as an introduction to DO GOOD FEEL GOOD and what we are about, while also building awareness for our big spring charity event to come in April."

    My thoughts: This is such a great idea in which regular guys are helping those less fortunate then them (HOT!) I guess the good guys really do come out on top?

    Do Good Feel Good