$350 Moncler Beanies Are Terrorizing This Wealthy Long Island Middle School

by Stephanie Maida · January 14, 2019

    Well if this isn't the most Long Island sh*t we've ever heard...

    Administrators at Great Neck North Middle School are reportedly begging students' wealthy parents to stop sending their kids to school with what appears to be this semester's hottest accessory: a $350 Moncler beanie. And no, it's not because the fashion statement encourages label-whoring too young, nor is it to prevent the kids who can't afford the hat from feeling bad.

    Rather, it's to stop the spread of school-wide panic whenever one of these 12-year-olds LOSES their $350 Moncler beanie.

    In a letter sent home, which was acquired by the New York Post, admins of the school reassured parents that they "understand that fashion is very important to [the] middle schoolers," (lol), but, "it has consumed a great deal of [their] time trying to locate these missing hats, and it has been disruptive to the students’ focus and time as well."

    Sigh. Talk about rich people problems.

    [Photo via SSENSE]